Marsya : Mr. Rasya, we have here your application for a Finance Manager. Can you tell us something about yourself?

Mr. Rasya        : I am a graduate. I am twenty-one years old. I had commerce as subject.

Marsya             : Do you have any previous experience in Finance Manager?

Mr. Rasya        : This is my first regular job Sir. I was a student before this. But I do have a little experience in Finance Manager.

Pasha                 : What school did you attend?

Mr. Rasya        : I studied at the senior high school, Sir.The medium of instruction there was English. I passed the Higher Secondary Examination from that school.

Marsya             : That is good.

Marsya                 : Why did you decide to take a job as a Finance Manager?

Mr. Rasya        : I think that a Finance Manager’s job is an exciting and interesting one. It is a challenge and one would feel a great satisfaction in achieving.

Marsya : positions, what you want?

Mr.Rasya : I really wanted was the financial manager position

Marsya : Well, it was nice meeting you Mr. Rasya. We’ll be writing to you shortly to let you know result of the Interview for Job . Thank you Mr. Rasya for coming, good bye.